Points and lines can be used to draw basic geometry. Change the value of the variable 'd' to scale the form. The four variables set the positions based on the value of 'd'.

d = 70
p1 = d
p2 = p1 + d
p3 = p2 + d
p4 = p3 + d
size(640, 360)
translate(140, 0)
# Draw gray box
line(p3, p3, p2, p3)
line(p2, p3, p2, p2)
line(p2, p2, p3, p2)
line(p3, p2, p3, p3)
# Draw white points
point(p1, p1)
point(p1, p3)
point(p2, p4)
point(p3, p1)
point(p4, p2)
point(p4, p4)